Know Your System

We know that a truly informed customer, armed with knowledge, makes better decisions on their air conditioning system choices.

Top Standard Air Conditioning thrives on many years of trade knowledge and experience along with its consistent work ethic. We know our customers rely on us for these qualities. So, to help our existing and new potential customers alike, we offer these informative articles to allow customers to be “in the know” about many of the things they will encounter regarding their air conditioning systems.

Understanding the Major Components of your A/C system

Your air conditioning system is a series of components working in unison, much like the human body.

  • The [1] Compressor and the [2] Metering Device (Fixed or TXV) are 2 separate components that act together as the heart of the system. The compressor pumps refrigerant, and the metering device regulates pressure.
  • [3] Refrigerant is the blood, and it needs to remain at a specific pressure to function.
  • [4] Driers act like the kidneys, they filter the blood (refrigerant).
  • The [5] Air Handler is the lungs of the system.
  • The [6] Return Air is the inhale (warm).
  • The [7] Supply Air is the exhale (cool).
  • The [8] Ductwork is like the windpipe. Properly Sized Ductwork is a healthy windpipe. Undersized Ductwork can take a major toll on a system. It’s like trying to breathe through a straw. You can do it, but it’s extremely difficult. It will slowly kill other system components (compressor and fan motor). Static pressure testing can reveal undersized ductwork.
  • The Coils act like your skin. They provide a surface for heat exchange to occur while fans provide the airflow.
  • The [9] Evaporator Coil interacts with inside air using the [10] Evaporator Fan Blower to absorb heat from the surrounding environment.
  • The [11] Condenser Coil interacts with outside air using the [12] Condenser Fan to expel heat to the surrounding environment.
  • The [13] Thermostat is the brain of the system.
  • [14] Capacitors are the conscience, they give motors direction. Without them Motors would not know which way to turn.

Understanding Your Air Filter And It’s Importance

Your air conditioning system was designed to work within certain static pressures. That simply means that the unit needs to breathe freely.

The easiest way to ensure this is to keep your air filter clean. If a unit has a dirty filter it will restrict the airflow and make the fan motor have to work harder. If the dirty filter is left for too long, the dirt can start to accumulate on the evaporator coil and even kill the fan motor. In that case, you’re not only going to need to replace the fan motor, but you’re going to need a coil cleaning also. Here’s what a dirty coil looks like, before and after cleaning:

This is what came out:

As you can see, having all of this foreign material accumulating on your evaporator coil can cause all sorts of system problems. This also illustrates how much crud your air filter removes from the air in your home or office.

So, take this tip; change your air filter every 1 to 3 months and make sure that it is the proper size so no air gets around it, you’ll be glad you did.

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