About Top Standard Air Conditioning

More often than not, these "About Us" pages on company websites feed you the marketing fluff, but fail to really give a customer peace of mind in choosing a company. Top Standard A/C is built on far different principles and work ethics. We are part of the Treasure Coast community and take that very seriously. We are your neighbor; we shop at the same stores as you; maybe our kids play together. We want to offer our years of experience to keep your family comfortable year-round and give the peace of mind that you have a true community partner.

Top Standard Air Conditioning offers you 20 years of experience in the industry with specialties in residential service, installation and sensible troubleshooting. On the light commercial side of the business, along with sales, service, and installation, we specialize in the mechanical contracting of commercial re-roof projects. Top Standard Air Conditioning offers a true "craftsman's approach" to any air conditioning challenge with a personal touch on customer service. Our proactive precision tune-up program brings you an additional level of peace of mind to keep your family comfortable year-round.

On a More Personal Note

Upon moving up to the Treasure Coast area with my family and opening Top Standard Air Conditioning, I knew I was going to have a challenge being alongside many other companies offering the same basic services. But I soon decided that what brought me success throughout my career was the necessary ingredients; deliver quality, integrity, and professionalism, and tie it all together with effective communication. The thought was simple... offer Top Standard and nothing less.

My whole life people have told me that I'm too analytical; that I pay too much attention to detail; that my standards are too high in work and in life. I would always tell them that's just part of who I am, but those same principles are the building blocks to a successful customer-oriented business. I'm Jared, the President of Top Standard Air Conditioning.

Top Standard Air Conditioning
It's not just our name, it's our work ethic.
So, keep your cool!

Call us today to experience the difference that a company culture built on principles makes.